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Monday, December 24, 2007

Kaylee is Fabulous 4 yrs old!

4 yrs ago I had no idea what lay ahead of me.
This was at my baby shower 2 weeks before I was due.

And this is after 14 hours of the hardest back labor ever, 12 of those with no pain medicine whatsoever, ready to push her out.

And my beautiful princess finally arrived!

She is 2 months old here.

This is for a clock I made for my mom for Christmas. Every picture is of when she was 1 mo, 2 mo etc.This is her first Christmas! That's my aunt Connie next to me. And yes I'm 5 months pregnant with Ben.

Me and Kaylee Valentines Day 2005. 7 months preg with Ben
Kaylee on her 2nd Halloween as a Sunflower


We took Kaylee to the Houston Zoo for her birthday. It was beyond freezing, our toes were like ice but they had a blast.
This is a picture of me and her by the bird island area. I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish her dress for her birthday. And everyone has loved it. I need to get better pictures but I love it because it has penguins and it's more like a winter dress instead of Christmas so she can still wear it after Christmas.
This is by the coi pond.

This is who they feed the bad employees too.

The White Alligator

And here's another snake they feed employees too. :D

Kimodo Dragon
Kaylee on the carousel

Daddy and Ben

This is the Bald Eagle that was in no cage or glass, I could have reached out and touched him. Crazy. And he was posing so nice for me.

We stopped at Benningan's on the way home to eat and they served her Birthday Brownie with Ice Cream.
And this is what she got for her birthday. She LOVES IT!

Until Next Time...

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Matt Thompson said...

Hello Mrs. Jennifer,

I've really enjoyed looking through your blog... You have such a beautiful and warm-looking family. Your real "Momma's heart" is so refreshing... and so rare these days. Thank you for the read.

Continue to be blessed by our Lord and enjoy your day down there in Texas..