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Monday, December 24, 2007

Kaylee is Fabulous 4 yrs old!

4 yrs ago I had no idea what lay ahead of me.
This was at my baby shower 2 weeks before I was due.

And this is after 14 hours of the hardest back labor ever, 12 of those with no pain medicine whatsoever, ready to push her out.

And my beautiful princess finally arrived!

She is 2 months old here.

This is for a clock I made for my mom for Christmas. Every picture is of when she was 1 mo, 2 mo etc.This is her first Christmas! That's my aunt Connie next to me. And yes I'm 5 months pregnant with Ben.

Me and Kaylee Valentines Day 2005. 7 months preg with Ben
Kaylee on her 2nd Halloween as a Sunflower


We took Kaylee to the Houston Zoo for her birthday. It was beyond freezing, our toes were like ice but they had a blast.
This is a picture of me and her by the bird island area. I stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish her dress for her birthday. And everyone has loved it. I need to get better pictures but I love it because it has penguins and it's more like a winter dress instead of Christmas so she can still wear it after Christmas.
This is by the coi pond.

This is who they feed the bad employees too.

The White Alligator

And here's another snake they feed employees too. :D

Kimodo Dragon
Kaylee on the carousel

Daddy and Ben

This is the Bald Eagle that was in no cage or glass, I could have reached out and touched him. Crazy. And he was posing so nice for me.

We stopped at Benningan's on the way home to eat and they served her Birthday Brownie with Ice Cream.
And this is what she got for her birthday. She LOVES IT!

Until Next Time...

New Christmas Dresses

Here are a few Christmas Dresses I've made this year for Kaylee.

Snowman Dress

Santa Dress

Candy Cane Dress

Friday, October 26, 2007

Some New Pics For You to Enjoy!

Here are the newest pics I've taken of Kaylee. She is getting so good at this modeling stuff. And don't you love all the pretty greenery/scenery of my mother's backyard. I wish I could have that pretty of a yard without watering. But I have one plant she gave me that is wilting as we speak. She probably has 5000 plants in her backyard. That is just crazy. She loves gardening as much as I love sewing. She also loves making copper scultures. Check out her slideshow here: http://uniquetreasures.phanfare.com.
And check out this that she sent me: http://www.childdrowningprevention.com/index.html
A baby fell in the pool with no one around and learned how to float. Amazing. On to the pics. Enjoy!

This is my mom!

This is our husky dog Sophie.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Most Amazing Daughter

I have the most amazing and beautiful daughter on the planet. I'm sure everyone thinks that about their children. But she is sweet, smart, helpful, beautiful, elegant, neat, not too needy, loving, caring, I could go on and on. And she loves giving out hugs and talking about Jesus. That's the best part. That's when you know you are raising them right. She likes to pray before we eat, after bedtime stories before we go to sleep, when we are about to do something big. She says "Let's pray" or "Let's bow our heads". It's just so sweet. And she is only 3 years old.

Me and hubby teach first grade Sunday School. One day recently there was a little girl in there who wore some horribly faded and worn out flowered leggings and a non-matching plaid flannel long sleeve shirt on a day in which it was 100 degrees outside. And last weekend she wore some black dance leotard spandex shorts and a hoodie. Neither one matching and both looked to small for her. So obviously she doesn't have any dresses to wear to church right? Her mom just had a baby this week and so I decided I was going to make her a couple dresses and surprise her. Just in case she was feeling left out with everyone paying attention to the new baby. So I cut out 2 dresses and started sewing. Well they both needed to be lined which I forgot to cut the lining out so I just lined them with each other. hehe. Reversible Dress. AHA!

And here's the reverse side, this fabric reminds me of mayan days or aztec things.

Now remember I made this dress for a 6 yr old and my dd who is 3 yrs old is modeling it, so it's a little big. And she got jealous so I made her one of her own. I was going to add ruffles but think it would have been too long. I have to remember that she plays outside on the playground and in tunnels at mcdonalds and don't want her stepping on it. So here's the one I made her. I just love the fabrics.

And an intervention while we reverse the dress. Here's Ben, just playing so good by himself. I always feel like I'm leaving him out while we take 5000 pics of Kaylee but he always finds stuff to do. Water plants, play with lizards, smell the flowers (or should I say rip up all the flowers hehe), dig in the dirt, play in the kiddie pool, get into things he shouldn't get into to, you get the picture.

And now on to the Reverse side:

And why should Kaylee get to do all the twirling? I know my hair's a mess and no make up as usual but I'm too busy sewing and taking pics and editing and blah blah to even think about all that.

So on to sewing some more dresses. It's addicting isn't it? But it's so fun. It's like being young again and playing dress up with your dolls only now my doll doesn't sit still for pics and sometimes talks back. HEHE.